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The matching scheme of outdoor curtains and background

Who said that the combination of outdoor curtains and the background is difficult to get, that is, you have not got the perfect point. The curtains and the background wall are like eyeballs and eye sockets, and they have a very close connection, and the perfect combination can bring a wonderful viewing experience. The color ratio is inseparable from the harmony of cold and warm. Therefore, in this issue we will tell you the most classic, the easiest, and the easiest to operate matching skills: the contrast and matching of the curtains and the warm and cold tones of the background wall. As long as you have mastered the key points of matching, even the color matching white can create a perfect work. When the curtain falls in love with the background wall, the unbridled beauty illuminates the desire for fashion and opens up an elegant life.

Cool background and warm outdoor curtains

Abundant vitality makes perfect sense of sight. Many families like to decorate the walls in cool colors, such as peacock blue and royal blue. Because they are noble enough and elegant enough. But it is inevitable to be at a loss for the matching of curtains. The color ratio is inseparable from the harmony of cold and warm. Therefore, hanging curtains with warm colors is the correct way to open fashionable life, and the unbridled beauty brings a new and wonderful experience.

Pastoral style curtains, fruit-green outdoor linen shade and waterproof curtains, plus hazy texture of flower gauze, create the freshness and gentleness of Korean pastoral. Imitating brushed linen texture, whether it is hung on the terrace, living room, or balcony, it creates a light and beautiful time.

Warm background and cool outdoor curtains

In the romantic and elegant urban time, there are not a few families who choose warm and mellow colors as the background of the space. Most of them are elegant and light colors, such as Navajo yellow, sunset, sand, beige and so on. At this time, the curtains are best to choose the same clear and cool color. It can not only perfectly balance the overall attributes of the space but also show the abundance of the space, it can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

New fresh French country curtains, blue and white represent the sky, represent the ocean, represent freedom, represent people's dreams and hopes of flying, and are eternally loved and welcomed by people. This new product of fresh French country outdoor grommet curtains, fresh Mediterranean country style and unique cultural sense of embroidered blue custom outdoor curtains is eye-catching. The lifting design meets the horizontal needs of the owners.

Blue background with yellow outdoor curtains

Classic matching, noble fashion, blue and yellow matching is very classic. Whether it is a dark blue or light blue background, you can consider hanging a simple and elegant curtain of yellow or sunset color. It is as if a bright moon rises on the sea, and the brilliance splashes and brightens the body and mind. Fresh wind curtains are very popular among young people. Such matching black matte outdoor curtain rods can create a clean and translucent sense of space. Young people tend to prefer it.

The dark yellow outdoor sunscreen curtains form a good unity with the suspended ceiling and curtains, and burst out with the vitality of the blue wall. The whole space has a deep and quiet temperament.

Compared with solid color curtains, color-blocking curtains can also inject more color elements into the space. The combination of beige and dark blue visually demarcates a sense of hierarchy.

Recommended curtain fabrics, the perfect combination of curtains and background walls can bring a refreshing and pleasant sensory experience. And the colorful colors combined with ever-changing patterns, outdoor curtains can even deduce a thousand styles.


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