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The combined double-layer outdoor gazebo curtains show the practicality and beauty

The combination of white gauze curtains and outdoor gazebo curtain cloth not only adds a soft, warm and romantic atmosphere to the gazebos and balconies, but also has the characteristics of soft lighting, ventilation and ventilation, giving people a looming hazy feeling.

The outdoor sheer waterproof curtains are pleated, showing a lovely romantic atmosphere. Put a pot of green plants on the bay window sill, the combination of white and green is fresh and beautiful. Beige outdoor blackout and waterproof curtains give people a sense of tranquility and warmth, without too much luxury. If it is golden yellow, it will give people a kind of emperor's demeanor, and it will have a dazzling light from a distance. In the cold winter, the curtains of the gazebo are mostly beige, and the color of many furniture in the living room is the same color. With the promotion of lighting, the yellow system conveys the feeling of comfort and ease.

The white screen windows give this simple gazebo a bit of romance, and the light coffee-colored curtains and bedding give a steady and concise texture. Light blue curtains, its color gives people a peaceful and natural feeling, just like under a light blue sky, curtains of this color block less sunlight, allowing more sunlight to come in. , To increase the brightness of the room, a bright room can make people feel more yang.

Generally, a white screen window will be designed with a layer of curtains on the inner layer. The color of the curtains is best to be related to the gazebo. This tangerine outdoor curtain is the same as the bedside soft bag, so that the interior of the gazebo has a connection. Grey and white outdoor striped curtains make the space simple and low-key but fresh and fashionable. The white screen windows reflect the owner's fashion taste and romantic feelings, and a pot of fresh green plants is placed, which is also full of vigor.

This white screen window is very thin, can clearly see the outdoor landscape, and has the advantages of soft lighting, ventilation and ventilation. The fan-shaped design also brings a little bit of cuteness and romance. The light green outdoor gazebo curtains give people a feeling of sunshine and vitality, which can increase the yang in the room without being gloomy. If you think the color is monotonous, you can choose outdoor light green grommet curtains, which adds a bit of cuteness.

The white screens give the windows more fluidity. The white screen windows are somewhat low-key and restrained because of the gray curtains, and the pink lace design on the top gives the bay windows a lovely color. This custom pattern print gazebo curtains are inspired by geometric hexagons, which are combined in regular sizes. In terms of color, the collocation of brown, brown and blue is boldly adopted. The smooth quality of the fabric has a very visual impact. The tailors on both sides use double stitching to ensure the quality in the details.

This gazebo is only designed with a layer of white screen windows, and the right folds make the bay windows full of fairy air, and the decoration of a large bunch of small broken flowers on the bay window sill makes it more romantic. This shape is also quite special.

The hand-painted patterns on the curtains are very natural and real, just like a corner of a tens of thousands of flowers, all kinds of flowers compete to open up, even if they are placed on the sofa, it is a beautiful scenery. And the fabric it uses is a combination of cotton and linen, which makes the curtains more comfortable and breathable. This outdoor gazebo curtain has a better printing effect.


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